Bears Lose to visiting Saints, but how bad was it?

It wasn’t all bad news Sunday when the Bears had the New Orleans Saints visit Soldier Field. Jay Cutler played a really good game and somehow come out of the game with a loss after posting a 128 qb rating. His only turnover came on an early fumble, after pressure from his left went unchecked. However its inescapable that the Bears are extra thin on an already beat up defensive Line. Collins went to IR along with Melton leaving the Bears to push Wooton in for time inside. After a poor outing against the Lions a week earlier the Bears really needed a bit of a rally, in some ways they got it.

Jay had one hell of an outing, 128 passer rating, no interceptions, over 300 yards, and completing 24 of 33 attempts for a 72% completion rating. That’s a pretty good day regardless of the fumble. After what to me seemed like a bit of an outcry from fans calling for an end to Cutler. He responded, but certainly isn’t going to get the credit without the W.  The fumble was luckily held to three points and regardless of how you want to look at it that doesn’t make the game in this one. Bennett’s missed catch was much worse. I think Cutler is responding well to Trestman so far and beyond the Lions game a week ago has played well enough to prove it. I believe he is going to go off against the Giants who are 0-5 at this point and still looking for answers.

Good god Alshon. The Bears wideout may have really turned a corner I am not necessarily celebrating yet as I still want to see what he does for a few more games. There is no ignoring 208 yards receiving, and after 100 yards against the Lions it seems as if he is starting to put things together. Not to mention he’s gotten a touchdown the last two as well. Teams are doubling Marshall almost every play, so he is getting open. If Jefferies can attract more attention Marshall is going to become as dangerous as ever, there will simply be too much for opposing teams to handle if the Bears can get Brandon loose. Let’s hope for another big game from Alshon Thursday, and see how the offense really opens up.


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