Bears Hold On Against Giants in Thursday Night Victory

The Giants visited the Bears on a short week that ended up with a Bears win, although in unimpressive fashion. Jay Cutler continued to shine and show his time with Trestman is paying off. The defense also continued to prove its own trend in allowing long plays, but maintaining the opportunistic approach to defensive football. After complaining all week Brandon Marshall got his return to the spotlight with a two touchdown performance. As we continue through the season things look bright for an offense that is still finding it rhythm, while the Bears defense continues to figure out what to do after a game that got far to close at the end.

Cutler for the second week looked really good, although not the statistical powerhouse we saw last week, still played extremely well. What really stood out against the Giants was his decision making. Especially on a red zone play that broke down and forced him to throw it away, yes Cutler threw the ball away. This is what people really wanted to see from Cutler this season, smart plays that keep the game alive. Cutler is proving that he is taking Trestmans advice, and running with it. He looks poised and comfortable behind his new line as well that again is thanks to Trestman’s playbook. Quick releases have really helped Cutler and his line surrender less sacks and has allowed that trust to be built. Against the Giants Cutler was again over a 100 QB rating, that’s three games in a row with 100+ rating. He finished with two touchdowns for 262 yards while Completing 24 of 36 attempts for a 66.7 % completion rate. So far this season I have been more than impressed with Cutler. So far this season Cutler is 12 touchdowns to 6 interceptions, passing for a total of 1630 yards and an average QB rating of 95.2, that’s the highest of his 8 year NFL career.

Marshall finally gets the ball, after begging for it all week. Cutler rewarded him with 2 touchdowns on nine receptions for 87 yards. After weeks of double teams he was finally able to get a few opportunities. After a small absence on the stat sheet its nice to see the Bears number one wide out get back into the action. The offense overall though has what’s been most impressive. Cutler continues to spread the ball around efficiently leading to teams having to choose who to defend each week. Martellus Bennett continues to make his case for one of the better all around tight ends in the league. Alshon Jeffery’s had a rather quiet game this week after exploding against the Saints for 200 plus yards. The offense continues to be a bright spot for the Bears.

The offense is playing as good as the defense is bad. It seems that unless we’re creating  turnovers we can’t stop anyone. Brandon Jacobs is not a great running back, but was able to run all over the place finishing with 22 attempts for 106 yards and 4.8 ypc and two touchdowns. The lone bright spot Thursday night was the three picks two by Jennings and one by Zack Bowman. Week in and week out the Bears are struggling to stop the run. It’s a complete role reversal from previous years where the offense is doing its job weekly while the defense puts together a less than stellar effort and is failing to finish games. The woes on the defense all start up front. Let’s start by saying that the Bears will not switch to 3-4 defense, they already are greatly lacking the ability to get pressure on the quarterback. Taking away a lineman will only make it worse, so lets keep that idea on the back burner. The lack of pressure means were blitzing far more than we should be, allowing for opposing passers to complete longer plays. A lot of complaining has been targeted towards the secondary, when its simply the lack of pressure allowing opposing quarterbacks to complete more reads on longer routes.  With MLB D.J Williams out for the season to a torn pectoral muscle rookie Jon Bostic will take over starting duty. I’m not naive with Tillman battling knee injuries, Stephen Paea still out with a toe injury, two defensive tackles on IR, and Williams also going to IR the Bears Defense is in shambles. Rookies Mclellin, Bostic, and Wooton need to step up. If they don’t the Bears will have a hard time getting a deep run in the playoffs, let alone making it there in the first place.


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